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Top 5 Books For Women To Read This Year

New year, new you! Does that ring a bell? We're not a fan of new years resolutions, but we are definitely fans of making key decisions that can help you live a better life. Who cares when these good changes happen, as long as they actually take place.

One thing we've seen so much benefit from is committing to continue learning and growing constantly. Not just in your job or area of expertise, but in life as a whole. That said we have 5 fantastic books that we absolutely, highly recommend that you read this year. Why? Because growth and knowledge is good for the soul. These books will remind you just how amazing and capable you are and quench any doubt you're currently feeling. 

So without much ado, here are our top 5 recommended books for women to read this year.


  1. The Path Made Clear By Oprah Winfrey 

Needless to say, everything Ms Winfrey touches turns to gold. This book is a great read for anyone that's feeling a little unsure of themselves, or finds themselves at a crossroads. It's an excellent reminder that your life has purpose and direction even when you don't feel like it and we all have times like that.

This is a book you may want to read annually as the lessons are timeless and it's easy to digest, which we love. The Path Made Clear will help you consider what success looks like to you and what kind of life you really want. It pulls on key lessons from critically acclaimed individuals like; Brene Brown, Bishop TD Jakes, Ellen DeGeneres and sooooo much more. 


  1. Shoe Dog By Phil Knight

Chances are, we've all owned a product made by sports giant Nike. But do you know the story behind the brand? Prepare to be inspired. Phil Knight the founder of Nike, provides a great insight to the origins of the brand in his memoir Shoe Dog. He describes a lot of the various struggles he faced along the way....and there were plenty! As you can imagine, creating Nike was not a quick or smooth sailing venture, but with a clear vision, commitment and a great team, Nike became what it is today - which makes for one hell of a story!


  1. An American Marriage By Tayari Jones

Nowadays, our reading tends to be heavily focused on some form of self development, business lessons and tips on how to increase efficiency. But every now and again we need a book that allows us to get wrapped up with fictional characters, their stories and their lives. An American Marriage is that book. Author Tayari Jones rightly won the Women's prize for fiction and it's an incredible read. Whether you listen on audio or get a physical copy, the tales in this book are interestingly complex and will keep you intrigued. 


  1. Educated By Tara Westover

Educated is a memoir about the coming of age of Tara Westover and her escape from a Mormon fundamentalist family. This book is at times a very difficult read, but also highlights the strength and power of the human spirit. As hard as some parts of this book are, we came away with a sense of recognition of how brilliant humans can be, in spite of insane opposition. Tara Westover is nothing short of an absolute legend. She overcame an extreme childhood to become an academic giant, critically acclaimed memoirist, essayist   and  historian, despite lacking basic pre-university education. Tara essentially studied her way out of a tough childhood and found herself through books. This memoir is a great reminder of the fact that poor beginnings can still lead to beautiful places, as long as you do the work and fight for the life you want to have.


  1. Everything Is Figureoutable By Marie Forleo

This one is our current read and so far it's been brilliant. We've long recognised that problem solving is a constant thing in life, as new problems appear all the time. The trick is to become resilient on how to handle them and not make excuses as to why you can't overcome a particular thing. Marie Forleo shares this exact sentiment in her amazing book, Everything Is Figureoutable. It's a reminder that we have so much power to direct and steer our lives, once we have the right belief systems in place. This book will leave you feeling like the unstoppable force that you are. If you apply the principles and make the right changes, there really is no limit on who or what you can become.


Happy Reading!


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