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5 Wellness Tips For Modern Women


This blog post was written by Lisa Finch a Well-being specialist, Yoga & Meditation teacher, and Reiki therapist. Lisa is passionate about helping people feel their best and studied wellness during her previous career in the fashion industry, after years of chronic stress and anxiety. 



The tips I’m about to share have changed my life. So much so that I now give private wellness sessions across London. My clients include solicitors, business managers, consultants, NHS staff, musicians and artists who have all benefited from investing in and prioritising their well-being.


Here are my 5 wellness tips to help you cope with modern life  :-)


Tip #1 - Weekly Psychotherapy

Yes we’re starting with a big one. We all have problems and some issues are bigger than what our friends are able to help with. Psychotherapists are trained to deal with complex emotional issues. They can help you identify behavioural patterns and triggers that we just cannot spot ourselves, and know how to get to the deep rooted reasons behind it.


There are many ways to find a psychotherapist. Below is a list of directories so you can find a therapist that feels right for you. Perhaps you want a therapist of the same sex or ethnicity as you, or are looking for a therapist who specialises in trauma or family relationships. I've included a charity who offer low cost and subsidised counselling and psychotherapy in the resources segment below.


Tip #2 - Journalling

Journalling is underrated. It’s an instant tool to get all our crazy thoughts out and saves our loved ones from an ear bashing. According to research at Stanford University, we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day—and 90% of these are repetitive.


You could try ‘Morning Pages’, it’s a morning mind dump ritual. As soon as you wake up, fill 3 pages with anything that comes to thought, uncensored, emptying your mind for the day ahead. I notice that my worries can have so much power over me when they are going around in my head, but when I see them written down I realise how irrational they are. 


Another great practice is keeping a Gratitude Journal. Research shows we need to experience 3 positive emotions to overcome a negative emotion. Write 3 things down that you feel grateful for each night before you go to sleep, and notice how different you feel.  Our brains have a negative bias, it’s part of our survival to focus on any potential danger, so that we can overcome it. Unless we do these things, we will dwell on the negative. It takes real intention to feel positive.

Tip #3 - Alternate your Workouts

We all have our favourite workout. Whatever your preference is, balance it with the opposite. If you love cardio like running or HIIT, balance it with a  grounding practice like Qigong or Restorative yoga. If you like weight training, balance it with deep stretching classes such as Yin yoga. 


Both counter practices will bring you into a relaxed state, and counter the physical and energetic effects of the other. If you are a go go go person, you are likely activating your sympathetic nervous system, in fight or flight mode. Balancing this with a grounding or stretching practice activates your parasympathetic nervous system, bringing you into a state of rest and digest in which your body can heal, cells can repair and nutrients can be digested into your body.

Tip #4 - Monthly Treatment

Today's women do so much, we work full time, we have families, we live a life of service and are way overdue a monthly pampering treatment. Set aside a dedicated day each month where you get looked after. Find your local wellness studios and holistic therapists, and get booked in for a treatment. There are so many exciting treatments, diverse therapists and healers to try out.


N.B. Since July 13th, therapists are allowed to offer body treatments again across the UK. Therapists are taking great precautions to keep you safe, wearing masks and sanitising in between treatments, now is a great time to treat yourself.


Why not see what’s on offer near you? You could try a Hawaiian massage one month and Reiki energy healing the next month, until you find the treatment that works for you. I know Chierika, LYL’s founder has a routine of booking in a massage on the last Friday of every month. I personally can’t go a month without a Reiki energy treatment, I come out feeling refreshed and renewed.

Tip #5 - Daily Meditation

10/10 people tell me they’re no good at meditating, “I can’t stop thinking”, “I can’t sit still for that long”. The truth is we will never stop thinking, and we will always want to get up and go because we're so aware of all the things we ‘need’ to do next, or dwelling on something (usually negative) that has already happened. The goal of meditation is to notice every time you get sucked into your thoughts and bring yourself back to the present moment - using a point of focus, typically your breathing. 

“If your mind wanders a thousand times, your only job is to bring your mind back a thousand times.” - Jon Zinn.

We’ve become so addicted to our thoughts and external stimulation, that we need to learn how to be present again. The brain is like a muscle it can be trained. A study shows that after 8 weeks of daily meditation, which is sustained focus on the present moment - fear responses in the brain decrease, we become kinder and calmer, attention improves, we better recognise our own emotions, our mood improves and immunity increases.

If you are interested in practising meditation, yoga or Reiki energy healing you can contact me for group or private sessions via email  wellbeing.with.lisa.f@gmail.com


 I also have a selection of recorded meditation on my IGTV: @slow.down.bae


Therapy Resources:









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