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Celebrating Phenomenal Women

2020! The year that keeps on giving. 

With all the craziness that has occurred, we have to shout about the positives and celebrate every single win.

That said, this blog post is dedicated to all the phenomenal women across the globe including YOU!

Why? Because women are INCREDIBLE! 

The truth is, we do so much, all while juggling roles and caring for others. 

The role of women in positions of leadership has shown how great we are when given the opportunity to lead. 

The world has noticed that when facing the biggest global health challenge since the 1919 Spanish Flu, the countries that handled it best.....were interestingly enough, all led by - yes, you guessed it -women....coincidence? We don't think so.

While we absolutely recognise there is a need for both men and women in positions of leadership, it's worth us highlighting the incredible superhero's women that have stood out this year in spite of all the goings on.


New Zealand's Prime Minister

This one's a personal fave. Is there anything that Jacinda Ardern cannot do? The renowned Prime Minister of New Zealand took office in 2017 and has done a remarkable job. She leads with compassion, empathy and confidence. All things we love to see. 

She's one of the youngest head of states in the world and is the third female prime minister of New Zealand. Her thoughtful and practical management of Covid-19 has been praised across the world and rightfully so. She changed gun laws 10 days after the Christchurch Terrorist attack and has led the country with empathy and understanding at the forefront. As a woman she had lots of doubters that challenged her on whether she could be a Mum and lead the country. Once again she proved them wrong. So often we hear stories on why women can't do x or y. But Jacinda proves all the doubters wrong. When given the opportunity to show up as your true self - women do an incredible job! 


Working Mums Everywhere

Lockdown 1 was.....interesting for soooo many reasons. The stress of it all was very overwhelming, when dealing with daily uncertainty, increased workloads and imminent global health concerns. With the closure of schools, many mothers found themselves holding down full time jobs with an increased workload and trying to figure out how to home school their kids and keep them entertained, fed and satisfied. We all appreciate that burnout is a real thing, but in a pandemic while being a parent with no childcare available???? It truly is something else. Statistics showed that in most two parent working households, lockdown meant that women carried the additional weight of childcare which in itself is a full time job. So we want to recognise mothers who have done their best to continue parenting through this time. While all of us are trying to keep our sanity, you continue to put others first in the sacrificial way that parents do. That in itself is a huge achievement worthy of celebration.



The Vice President Elect

Kamala Harris is set to be America's first female Vice President. This news is HUGEEE and we're excited to congratulate her and Joe Biden on their recent victory. Kamala Harris is also the first person of colour in the history of the United States to be elected to this position. Her parents are  of Indian and Jamaican ancestry and she truly represents possibility for so many women across the globe. In a year full of drama and at times hopelessness she stands as a reminder of what can be possible and once again proves that there are no limits on where women can be. One can only imagine how her position will inspire the next generation of women to dream and pursue whatever they have in mind.


We absolutely love it!!!!! 


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Love the LYL Team



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