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Good Vibes In Hard Times

Self-isolation, has conjured up a host of emotions. We never knew just how much going out and socialising with loved ones was a necessary human experience. Life on lockdown can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or simply tired of all the bad news and the restrictions placed on us all. That said, it’s all completely necessary and the quarantine blues are a side effect of you doing your part, so well done to you!  

Ever the optimists, we wanted to highlight some great things that have come out of self-isolation. Yes it sucks, but humans are phenomenal and will always find a way to band together and make things happen…..even now.

Here are some of the great things we’ve noticed <3.


Get Social with Social Media

Instagram lives are the new normal and are frequently being used by many celebrities and influencers sharing their talents, thoughts and tips with us. Singers, such as John Legend, have offered us live concerts from the comfort of our own homes (sooooo good!). DJ’s are spinning tracks and partying with us through social media….who would have thought it? Music is definitely an amazing way to spread love and happiness. Another quarantine highlight that recently shut down Instagram with over 4,000,000 views, was the epic IG Live battle of the iconic producers, Babyface Vs. Teddy Riley. An incredible show. Playing back the videos does not do it justice. Having attended the IG live ourselves at 1am UK time (yes we really did), it pretty much felt like an amazing party with your favourite celebs including THE  Michelle Obama (yes really), Janet Jackson, Diddy and 500,000 others from across the globe. Insanely good!!! 

The shut-down of gyms across the country, has resulted in a lot of us wondering how we can get moving and avoid that sluggish, lazy feeling. Gym kits and equipment have all but sold out online and we find ourselves constantly searching for a new You Tube workout. Fitness influencers have motivated us to keep moving through IG live home workouts, where you can join thousands of other Instagrammers and get healthy together.


We love free resources

There are so many free resources available at this time. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s ways to enlarge your horizons and go beyond the four walls of your house…..albeit online 😊. With so much time on your hands, take advantage of the positives and embrace this change. The Open University has a bunch of free online courses that you can delve into, from career advancement to business and languages. Now is the time to check these out. Google garage also has a host of free digital courses and Accenture’s Future Learn platform is also worth  signing up to.


Building Community

Helping others is more important than ever and having a sense of community will certainly keep us going. Many people have volunteered to work with the NHS, to help battle this pandemic. Garment factories are pivoting to make facemasks and PPE kits asap. Hotels are opening their doors to the homeless to get them off the street and this outpouring of good is so inspiring and comforting. Every Thursday at 8pm, we’re actively applauding the many healthcare and essential workers in the UK that are keeping us safe and nursing us back to health. Celebrities like Diddy, J-Lo, Beyonce,  Ralph Lauren and so many others, are using their platforms to raise funds to fight the virus and support essential workers. We were happy to do our bit to raise money for the NHS and are super grateful for all of the support. We've been warmed by all the various fundraisers including Captain Tom Moore who at 100 years old has raised over £33,000,000 for the NHS!!! 

While we hate what the virus is doing as much as everybody else and our thoughts and prayers are with those that are unwell, have lost loved ones or those that are economically impacted by the consequences of lockdown. There is something beautiful in the midst of chaos and calamity, when people unite and support each other. Our only hope is that this pandemic is wiped out sooner rather than later and the positive things we’ve seen, remain. <3


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LYL Team

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