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Keep Calm & Carry On

It's been hard thinking about what to say in this unprecedented and uncertain time. We cannot ignore the magnitude of what's happening around us, or how helpless and uncertain so many of us are feeling. Whether your self employed, a business owner or an employee, these last few weeks have been insane. We hope you and your friends and family are safe and doing well despite the craziness. <3.

Here's a few things we're doing to stay calm and remain positive.

1. Focus on the good.
It's so important in times like this to fix your mind on the positive things. How? Start a gratitude journal. List three things your grateful for each day. From running water, to the ability to see, stand or breathe. Nothing is too small. ❤

2. Read or listen to an inspiring book or podcast.
Got something you've been meaning to read but haven't had the chance to, well now is the time. Feed yourself with positivity and good vibes, to counteract all the negative news and updates. Of course you need to stay informed, but no need to overdo it. 

3. Stay connected
You may not be able to see friends and family in person right now, but consider setting up video conferences to check in with those you love. This is not the time to be alone. WhatsApp, Zoom, Google hangouts and Skype are all free ways to connect with your loved ones.

4. Check on those vulnerable and help where you can.
According to the news, most healthy people will have a mild form of the illness. Now is the time to prioritise and assist those that are most vulnerable. Look out for your elderly relatives or neighbours and offer your assistance. Maybe it's as small as offering to help them with their weekly shop. Or cooking soup for someone that's poorly. Consider donating to a local food bank that's low on supplies. We can all do something to help someone else. 

5. Remember that no situation is permanent. The only constant thing in the world is change and these circumstances won't be here forever. We're in this together!  If we all do our part, stick to the social distancing requirements, there's no reason why we won't come out of this.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes to you all ❤❤❤.


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