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So here we are

It’s October 2019 and we’re live! LYL the fashion brand that I always dreamt of, has landed.  What a journey! I always knew I wanted to take the leap of faith and leave the corporate world at some point, but just didn’t know when. Contrary to popular belief, after working for more than ten years in finance working as a senior business strategy consultant, I didn’t ‘hate my job’. Nope……. I loved it!


I loved the challenge, the learning opportunities and of course the cash (lol). I liked that the work I did made an impact at a senior level and that really excited me. I was living my very best life as the full-time ambassador of all things enjoyment – (if you know, you know). Travelling the world, eating good food, and buying whatever I wanted…...whenever I wanted it #thegoodlife.   


I liked how impressed people were when I told them my occupation, then went on to explain what it really meant and the type of things I got to work on. It all seemed so…..great. The nice car, a growing collection of designer shoes and bags, a spacious apartment and did I say lots of cash in the bank? (loool). I was proud of myself and rightfully so. Not many people that grew up where I did, with the same socioeconomic issues, had overcome and thrived to become a city ‘success story’ and be respected as excellent in a male dominated, corporate world that lacked diversity in all forms. Life was great….but the career that once challenged me and represented everything I hoped for….got comfortable over time. I knew there was something more for me to do and a greater challenge ahead. Yes I loved my job and all the amazing many perks that came with it, but it was definitely time for change.


10 months later and here we are. Our first capsule collection is here and we’re building the vision. Please know……..this has not been easy and I’ll speak more about that in our future posts….but nothing worthwhile ever is. Starting a clothing line can be really EXPENSIVE….like really, really expensive. Adding the fact that I never worked in fashion, nor do I make clothes myself and you definitely end up with a massively (yes I said it), steep curve of learning opportunities 😊…..  But I owed it to myself to invest in something I believe in.


I have first-hand experience of understanding what it’s like to sit in board rooms where nobody looks like you, or work with people who may mean well, but cannot  be bothered enough to try and learn how to say your name (FYI……it’s not Shakira). I also realised the huge importance of having a strong personal brand that represents you to the world in the best possible way. When dressed well, the world responds to who you present yourself to be. When I looked confident, I felt empowered to succeed and do well….and that’s exactly what happened. Clothes are really way more than what you wear, and I’ve created this brand for women on the move. Women who have dreams and ambitions and are committed to getting to where they want to be.

So here we go! We are live, business has begun and I’m excited about our future and where this will lead. I’ll be sharing things along the way. Life lessons, special moments and the like so stay tuned. ;-)

 The journey’s just begun.


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Yes I know I’m late 🙈only just reading this…However better late than never lol.. such a beautiful write up…loving everything u said and wishing you the best of luck on this journey.. you deserve it girl. 🌹


Many congratulations. Loving the lines…and has inspired me to loose those few extra pounds! 😘


A strong collection for a woman woman of strength!

Edith B

Chieri babes! Such a fabulous collection, God is so faithful…. may you and you business grow from strength to strength….🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾



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