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About Us

Chierika is a seasoned Management Consultant with a passion for unapologetic ambitious women. During her extensive corporate career she used fashion as a way to stand out, be noticed and build a great personal brand. 

She started creating limited edition, luxury garments for strong powerful modern women, making their mark in the world. LYL stands for Love Your Look. Our brand embodies confident dressing that pushes barriers and encourages women to win in all areas of life.


Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri Founder of LYL


LYL is proud to be a black owned, female led, independent fashion brand that redefines power dressing in a unique and sophisticated way.

The brand is built on ethical, sustainable and slow fashion principles which include the following:

  • We work with factories that meet ethical standards.
  • We produce limited edition clothes and avoid waste throughout production.
  • We have a strict plastic free packaging policy for all products.
  • We create quality products that are long lasting and made with love.

Our aim is to become a 100% sustainable fashion brand by 2025.


Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri Founder of LYL


At the heart of all we do is the strong desire to see women succeed.

We hope you like what we’ve created.

Welcome to LYL!

Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri's written name

Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri

Founder & Creative Director


Chierika Onyuku-Opukiri LYL Founder